I Am Me

I Am Me


I am a Daughter of the Most High.  I am a mother of six.  I am a friend.  I am straightforward, loyal and prefer to think the best of others.  And I write.

Writing is my art, my tool to communicate thoughts and ideas.  As Johanne Gutenberg was to moveable type, blogging is to transferable thought.

Wit and serenity embrace thought – flowing in ink form to my page. Should you happen upon my muse, may you be encouraged, stirred, perhaps even challenged.

I do not take myself too seriously, yet approach weighty matters passionately, open-hearted.  I do not believe one can know fully where they stand if they fail to view life through multiple lenses.  I do not suggest one must compromise conviction to hear an opposing opinion.  I do suggest one test their conviction in hearing opposition and variance.

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